Romcal Features


Romcal is a software package to generate the General Roman Calendar for any given Gregorian calendar year in various output formats. The program uses the revised liturgical calendar for the Western Church as approved by Paul VI in Mysterii Paschalis dated 14 February 1969, and implemented in the United States in 1972, although any year may be given to the program. The data files that support the program have been updated to include celebrations added to the calendar through 1995. While the liturgical year begins with the First Sunday of Advent, this program computes based on a calendar year.

The program is written in the C Programming Language and is designed and packaged for UNIX based operating systems.

Data files are provided for ease of modification to the PostScript®, HTML, and RTF output and the fixed celebrations of the year.

Please note that this program was developed as a mental exercise. No fee is charged for it, no warranty is given, and use is restricted to non-commercial applications. The author's employer has no association with this program. Please read the license and disclaimer.


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