Romcal Information and Usage

New for Version 6


Usage: romcal [options] [year]
   where [year] is the 4-digit year (>1582)
   and   [options] are as follows:
-a: Ascension on Sunday
-e: Epiphany on Jan. 6
-c: Corpus Christi on Thursday
-o: Do not print Optional Memorials or Commemorations
-v: Print Version Number and Help
-t: Print today's celebration
-l: List directed I/O
-L: List directed I/O (same as -l)
-I: iCalendar output
-P: PostScript output
-C: Color PostScript output
-H: HTML Output
-R: RTF Output
-W {directory}: Web Page Output
-d {yyyymmdd}: Print the celebration of a given date
Note: Current year is assumed if not provided.
Note: The -t and -d options can be used with the -l option.

Other text files

Installation instructions

ROMCAL Version 6 is packaged in a tar format archive file named romcal-v6.tar. Enter the following command to extract and build romcal:
tar xvf romcal-v6.tar
cd romcal-v6
For those who are unable to get the makefile to work, a shell script called "Build" is now included to build and compile all files necessary for Romcal.

The final executable is called 'romcal'. It is completely stand-alone and does not rely on the presence of data files.  Thus, it may be moved and copied without bringing along all of the .dat files that went into building it.

© 2001-2003, Kenneth G. Bath